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Catchy title, eh? Back when I worked at Writers’ Centre Norwich, I decided to do some very simple drawings/designs of my colleagues. It was partly to do with getting the hang of Inkscape (free vector drawing tool), but also to have something to do on the train journey from Ely. They’ve been sat on my […]

Following the in-house creation of last year’s WCN Christmas postcard, we decided to give it another go. Thankfully, WCN’s new Communications Assistant, Anna – who has a delicious blog called Velvet Alphabet, which is all about cooking, eating, watching, reading, creating and enjoying (words stolen from her website) – came up with an excellent plan of festive attack. It […]

Gosh, another Goshawk

Jeanette Winterson and Helen Macdonald are on their way to Norwich. Not right this minute, but they’ll be on their way once March 2015 comes around. I did a flyer for WCN. It features Winterson’s lovely head and a bunch of Goshawks to represent Macdonald’s memoir H is for Hawk. That book is getting a hell of a […]

What Writers Need - Coffee

I admit, it’s strongly influenced by my own needs. This image is for The Salon (the website info hasn’t been updated yet)

Miami Vice image

A certain person who shall not be named asked me to design a small A6 card to be used as a RSVP for his/her 40th Birthday.

WCN Christmas Card Hanging

Ho ho hollo there. I had a lovely time designing a Christmas card for WCN. It’s a literary bauble. Even better, like a very basic Transformer…