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It’s been over a year since I last drew a Richard White. It’s been over a year since I last did anything on this site. Life kinda got busy; all good busy, but the kind of busy where other stuff that used to keep you busy just didn’t seem important enough to be busy busy. […]

Richard White #17 is no longer with us. The below obituary was published back in 2009. WHITE, Richard E. Richard was born on Dec. 1, 1956, in Chicago, Ill., and passed away in Sacramento on Feb. 6, 2009, at the age of 52. He was born with a rare and severely disabling disease (Mucolipidosis), resulting in […]

Richard White #16

I begin with a confession: this Richard White may not be a bona fide Richard White. Please don’t think bad of me. It’s a shame, because, technically, it’s probably my best Richard White yet. I found him on Google images some time ago, but didn’t do the proper research. That research involves clicking on the […]

Richard White #15

Richard White #14 and #15 have seen the Richard White production line, or rather, project, take off again. I’m pleased, as it simply means I’m carrying on – something I’m prone to not doing, what with all the other things people can get up to on a train, like reading the paper or playing Dots. Anyhow, this […]

Richard White #14

This Richard White is something new. This Richard White is the first to feel like he’s within touching distance. This Richard White used to work with my father-in-law at a solicitor’s firm in London. He’s the first Richard White to be drawn from an actual printed photo, rather than the not-big-enough screen on my phone. […]

A picture of Richard White #13

Here’s Richard White number 13. He’s a computer man. On the page where his image was captured, it said the following:  Note: The following narration was produced by Richard White in response to a request from the British Broadcasting Company. They were preparing a larger retrospective featuring Stephen Hawking. The work White discusses is connected […]

Hello Richard White. You have the look of a professor. Oh, what’s that? You are a professor! At the University of Worcester, no less. Well, good man.

Richard White #11

You can tell, right? It’s the wavy hair, the smouldering eyes, the angled pose. This guy… No. Not guy. This Richard White is an acTOR.

Richard White #10

This is a momentous day: the Richard White project has hit double figures. Yes! Richard White #10 looks pretty smug about it.

A drawing of Richard White number nine

This is by far the happiest Richard White to grace the Richard White project. What’s funny is that although he was smiling…