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Two ceramic heads looking at each other

Have you noticed Cam Lates? Have you been to a Cam Lates event? If it’s ‘no!’ to both, then I’m not doing my job very well, and we shall move swiftly on before someone important finds out. Designing in-house In all my marketing and comms roles, I’ve had permission to do some graphic design. Partly […]

A picture of Richard White #13

Here’s Richard White number 13. He’s a computer man. On the page where his image was captured, it said the following: ┬áNote: The following narration was produced by Richard White in response to a request from the British Broadcasting Company. They were preparing a larger retrospective featuring Stephen Hawking. The work White discusses is connected […]

And now for something a little different… A present. From my daughter. Lovely.

The first blog post. Hello world. Aside from this post (a nonsense one) I’ll mainly be blogging about…