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Following the in-house creation of last year’s WCN Christmas postcard, we decided to give it another go. Thankfully, WCN’s new Communications Assistant, Anna – who has a delicious blog called Velvet Alphabet, which is all about cooking, eating, watching, reading, creating and enjoying (words stolen from her website) – came up with an excellent plan of festive attack. It […]

Gosh, another Goshawk

Jeanette Winterson and Helen Macdonald are on their way to Norwich. Not right this minute, but they’ll be on their way once March 2015 comes around. I did a flyer for WCN. It features Winterson’s lovely head and a bunch of Goshawks to represent Macdonald’s memoir H is for Hawk. That book is getting a hell of a […]

What Writers Need - Coffee

I admit, it’s strongly influenced by my own needs. This image is for The Salon (the website info hasn’t been updated yet)

WCN Christmas Card Hanging

Ho ho hollo there. I had a lovely time designing a Christmas card for WCN. It’s a literary bauble. Even better, like a very basic Transformer…