This project has a story:

Once upon a time Richard White got his beautiful wife pregnant. For the record, they were both very pleased about this. As is the course of such matters, the day arrived when they were to have the first scan at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. Imagine the excitement, imagine the pure joy Richard was experiencing when, to his delight, he saw not his baby for the first time – he wasn’t at the ward, yet – but a broken skateboard lying on the floor, next to the bus stop.

Some kid had pulled off the killer move of all killer moves and destroyed his board for good. Or he/she was run over by a bus. Whatevs.

Richard carried the skateboard/s (two pieces) into the ward. He got some strange looks; the strangest of all from his wife.

“One day, this will be useful,” he said.

A reply wasn’t forthcoming, but the look was. You know the one.

Now we need to fast-forward, but before we do, Richard and his wife saw their little girl for the first time, and it was ACE.

So, the broken skateboard hung around for quite a while, getting in the way, proving that the look┬áRichard received from his wife was not a wasted one. UNTIL… Richard one day realised that he didn’t have anywhere convenient to put his drink when sat on the couch, next to the wall. He looked at the broken skateboard. It looked back. He looked again. This exchange of looks went on for a long, long time. Finally they came to agree that both pieces of board could become drink holders.

The End.