‘Narkiewicz looks in the rear-view & laughs that laugh – like cutlery shakin’ in a tin, yea one fine city, one fine city Narkiewicz mumbles – gonna miss it, gonna miss it & it’s gonna miss her too, even the crazy punks rubbin’ the cuff scars on their wrists down in a cellar bar – toastin’ her right now. Won’t be another dame like that they say & cry like saps into their cheap liquer.’

We’re still crying like saps now. Our dear colleague Lara Narkiewicz left WCN a few months back. WCN’s numbers man, Martin Figura – who also happens to be a rather good poet and photographer – decided that a sensible leaving gift would be a hard-boiled crime novel based on Lara, called Narkiewicz. I did ask what was wrong with some balloons and a card, but once that man gets an idea, he runs with it. Really far.

Our protagonist walks the streets saying farewell to a dodgy cast of WCN staff. Naturally, we’re all delighted with how we’re represented. For the record, I’ve always eaten Chinese (take away) with my legs. Really though, if you know WCN staff, you’ll have a right good chuckle at this.

You can read Narkiewicz here.

Farewell, Narkiewicz. You were one tough broad.

ps. I did the book cover design.