Richard White? Meet Richard White.

Have you ever thought about how many people out there share your name?

I remember when I was in my teens being introduced to a university friend of my sister’s. He was a Richard White. Not only that, he had the same middle name as me.  I was blown away. What were the odds? How many others were out there? *gazes skywards with look of wonder on (stupid) face*

Yes, I was being a stupid face.

This is my revenge: from this day on I will hunt Richard Whites down and draw them. It’s not much of a revenge, I admit. I’m taking the pictures from social media profiles, which is probably something I’m not allowed to do. I hope to one day display them somewhere and invite Richard White to the exhibition.

I’ll occasionally update this page with Richard Whites, but you’ll find each of them under the Richard White category on the blog.


*** If you are lucky enough to be a Richard White, and you’ve come across a good/bad drawing of your face, please, don’t freak out. I’ll take it down if you hate it – just ask (like I should have done).***