Stream Lyric experiments with form and lyricism to produce performances that address contemporary society.


Blimey, I did this stuff ages ago. But still, doesn’t mean I’m not going to tell you about it… eventually.

Stream-Lyric was founded by writer and theatre director, Tamsin Flower. I helped Tamsin – who I know well from my time at Writers’ Centre Norwich – with the company’s identity. The logo, website and print materials all attempt to incorporate aspects of Tamsin’s playwriting, using strong imagery from¬†MENTAL Play, clean fonts and magic. Yes, you heard. MAGIC.

So above is the logo and a few website screenshots. Visit it though. Go on.

Below are some pages from a dossier about MENTAL Play.

I’ll say bye bye now, as I don’t want to write anything more below the images. Bye.¬†