Richard White #16

Richard White #16

I begin with a confession: this Richard White may not be a bona fide Richard White.

Please don’t think bad of me.

It’s a shame, because, technically, it’s probably my best Richard White yet. I found him on Google images some time ago, but didn’t do the proper research. That research involves clicking on the image to see the web page he/she (you never know) sits on, which often clarifies his name truly is Richard White. Why wouldn’t it be? Mainly because website owning Richard Whites from across the world like to post pictures of other people, meaning Google, or any other search engine, sometimes incorrectly labels them as Richard White. How many times can I say Richard White in this post? I promise this over-use of the word Richard White has nothing to do with search engine optimisation. Nope. Richard White. Richard White.


Richard White is a project where I, Richard White, find and draw the Richard Whites of this world. If you’re still unsure, check out the Richard White project page.

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