Today I filmed the Poet Laureate of Jamaica

Mervyn Morris was in Norwich having performed the previous evening at the Live Lit Lounge in the Birdcage. Writers’ Centre Norwich (WCN) supported the event, so WCN Programme Director, Jon Morley, took the opportunity to interview him the next day. As in, today.

It was a bit last minute, meaning we ended up filming in whatever room the Maids Head Hotel staff decided to throw us in. That space ended up being a ballroom. Being a professional, I filmed using the office ipad mini, stuck on a wodge of blu-tack on top of a tripod. Morris was dead impressed.

The interview was fascinating. They talked about Morris’ poetry, the work of other Caribbean poets he’d edited and much, much more. I’ll post the film when it’s done. For now, here’s a nice picture of Morley and Morris, with White in the middle.

Jon Morley and Mervyn Morris


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