Category: Richard Whites

Richard White #8

Richard White #8 could sell you anything.

Richard White #7

Richard White #7 was fun to draw. I had a great time. But gee-whiz (and a good dose of golly-gosh), he really doesn’t look that impressed.

Richard White #6

This Richard White is wurking it big time. Even better, he is wearing massive shades meaning I didn’t have to bother with eyeballs. I hate…

Richard White #5

The fifth Richard White has arrived. Sadly, this one isn’t as good as the others. No offence, Richard, but you need to start wurking it.

Hello to Richard number four! This Richard deserves better really. I think I rushed him, meaning he looks slightly odd shaped.

Richard White #3

Meet Richard White the III. I can easily visualise Richard Whites from across the world hoping they’ll be next. What the hell else would they be doing…

Richard White #2

Another Google+ Richard White. I like this one. You can tell he’s one of the good guys. I particularly enjoyed the beard.

Richard White: 1

This Richard White came from Google +. He works at a place called Pro Excellence. If you ever want to get over the fear of…